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Pauline Brothers & Sisters
History of Allahabad House


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Our Missionary work in Allahabad



It is the Mother House of the SSP in India. The Paulines from Italy began the apostolate of the press in India from this House. Overlooking the Ganges river at a distance of a kilometer, and at half a kilometer East of the Prayag Railway Station, it is a complex of seven buildings including the Parish Church of Queen of the Apostles. With a personnel of fifty, comprising of Priests, Brothers, Students and Dependants, it was a Study House and a beehive of activities through various Departments, contributing to the spiritual and moral growth and well-being of the Nation.

1. St Paul Book Centre at 33, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, according to the public opinion, is the best book centre in the city. St Paul publications, Better Yourself Books, and the best books on spirituality, education, human formation and general knowlege, both in English and Hindi from different publishers, and also greeting cards for all occasions, are available here.

2. "Jyoti Prakashan" department consists of a Mobile bookshop with well displayed good literature in a bus. It goes around various cities visiting institutions, and thus, making the books easily accessible to all walks of life.

3. "Atmonnati Prakashan" is the department of Hindi Publications. Besides religious books, it publishes psychological, moral and educational books in Hindi.

4. "Prabhu Ka Din" is the Hindi edition of The Sunday Liturgy. The aim of both the English and Hindi editions is to help Catholics participate in the Sunday Mass actively, meaningfully and fruitfully.


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