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Brother Arockiam ssp
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A Religious congregation of Brothers and Priests

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STPAULS is a Pontifical Religious congregation of Brothers and Priests founded on August 20, 1914 in Alba, North Italy. Its mission is the sanctification of its members by the observance of the evangelical counsels of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience and by evangelising the human race through the media of social communications. Its membership consists of Priests and Brothers with equal dignity and dedication in the apostolate.

Called to be apostles to communicate Christ and His Gospel through the Mass Media, after the example of St Paul and as visualized by our Founder Blessed James Alberione, we should become vibrant agents of evangelisation in India.

Deepen our spiritual life by reorienting our practices of piety, and by living and witnessing to the Gospel values, in order to build an intimate relationship with God and with one another.


Pauline News


66 years, for 44 years a Pauline and for 39 years a professed religious,

died of heart attack at 4 Oclock in the afternoon , February 6, 2003, in Bombay St Pauls, India.

Br Rosario joined the Society of St Paul, Bombay, on May 26, 1958. He came from Narianganam, Kerala, where he was born on November 5, 1936 and where he had joined for some time some other Institute. He spent three years in Bombay and then made his novitiate in Allahabad in 1961 1963, and made his First Religious Profession on 16th July, 1963, when he took his new name Rosario. In 1968 he made his Final Profession.

Practically all his religious life he lived in the House of Bombay except for the years between 1993 2002, when he was in the House of Bangalore. In Bombay he has always been in charge of the Bookshop and in Bangalore he helped in the Press.

In recent years the psycho-physical health of Br Rosario went on declining and he was advised rest and medical care. Br Rosario died the day after he returned from his home at Narianganam where he had gone for his usual annual holidays.

Please pray for Brother Rosario that the Lord may grant him eternal reward.

Brother Arockiam

My Becoming a Member

God inspired me to join in this congregation. Listening to His call I joined in Bangalore St Pauls on 6th July 1975

Mary is the easiest


surest way


entering into

the religious spirit


for rooting

the life of Jesus in us.

Devotion to Mary:

know her,

love her and pray to her,

show eagerness for her.

-Fr. James Alberione

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

28/B Chatham Lines
Allahabad - 211 002 U.P. India

Phone: 0532-2542911


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